31 January 2016

Lip Liners by Kiko

I am always overwhelmed by the range of products that Kiko stores offer and I totally fall in love with their good quality products with such reasonable price tags. This store offers products that closely resemble some of those on the higher brand shelves which I love as I can get the same type of product for a fraction of the price. Recently I have fallen for the whole lip liner craze and matte lips therefore I wouldn't pass the Kiko store without making a purchase. To be very honest, I wanted all the colours and quite alot of the shades in the lip liner ranges were beautiful. However, I have to constrain myself and be good by picking out a couple of standout shades: A nude and a nice wearable pink colour.

[ Automatic precision lip liner in 501 ]

This shade is almost the same as my all time favourite Rimmel 'nude delight' lipstick so I was quick to swatch and pick up from the display stand. Although this is like the general twisty up type pencil, it has a hidden encased mini sharpener which you can remove from the end which is quite handy. This however I can imagine to be a bit messy and I feel that I wouldn't use sharpen it much. The product is really creamy and melts onto my lips. As expected with a lipliner, it was a bit drying but a bit of vaseline on top did the trick. Lasted a fair amount of time (1-2 hours) on my lips before it started peeling away but I do have very dry lips in general so not sure if its the same for everybody.

[ Creamy colour comfort lip liner in 302 ]

When I first laid eyes on these, I instantly thought of the Charlotte Tilbury lipcheats as the packaging is very similar. The array of shades in this range is so lovely that I wanted to pick up all the colours. This is almost identical to my Rimmel 'eastend snob' lip liner as I found out when I swatched it back at home. However, I do find that this one by Kiko is less drying and the formulation is alot nicer to work with. This liner is a bit more drying compared with the automatic lipliner as mentioned above but the colour is so gorgeous that I am willing to compromise and add a more moisturising lipbalm on top to help with it.

If you haven't tried out products by Kiko, I highly recommend you guys to check out the stores and see what goodies there are especially the lipliners which are high quality and with a reasonable price tag. 

25 January 2016


Concentrate of immortelle with maximum potency to correct wrinkles and maintain firmness.

Immediately lifted skin and over time helps stimulate collagen production and restore integrity of weakened collagen fibres.

"Immortelle is a flower with exceptional longevity: It never fades, even when picked. Organic immortelle is rich in active ingrediants with unique cosmetic anti-aging results"

When I finished my Estee Lauder advanced night repair serum, I wanted to try out a more organic serum so where else better to go than L'occitane which promises the most natural ingrediants in their products. I spoke to one of the shop advisers and for my age and skintype, she recommended this particular serum. I liked how this serum has a strong smell of flowers and it was easily absorbed by my skin without leaving a sticky residue.

Although the bottle was smaller than many other serums out there on the market, I found that the size was perfect as it meant that the product wouldn't 'go off' when kept for a long period of time. The glass weighted bottle added quality to the packaging and I loved the pipette mechanism which allowed me to dispense just the right amout of product for my face. The bottle lasted me just under a couple of month with me just using a few drops at night. My skin does feel alot more smoother and softer, but I cannot say that it has firmed up or decreased my fine lines and wrinkles simply because I do not have any yet at my age.

I'm a strong believer in good quality skincare at an early stage because I feel that prevention is better than treatment therefore I am happy to splash out on better quality skincare so my skin would thank me in the future. This serum I think is mediocre in the way that I couldn't see any reduction in pigmentation or my pores. I think for me it didn't really work and I was actually pleased that I managed to finish it so I can move on try another one as I did start to get bored of this L'occitane one. This product was featured in my Skincare post earlier this year so you can read about other products which worked well for me.

16 January 2016

Product Hype : Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

This is the foundation that I have been waiting to try out for such a long time and I finally have my hands on it. Charlotte Tilbury products have always interested me as I am a total sucker for the pretty packaging and I find that the products are always of great quality. I am always on the hunt for the best foundation out there and I still have a tonne of foundations to try out on my list but I feel that this foundation has really amazed me so far.

This magic foundation applied onto my skin like a dream and the finish that it gave was phenomenol. I have combination oily skin so I tend to have little dry patches during the winter. Using this foundation did not highlight the areas and cling to them, but I found that it actually worked well in hydrating the area and gave my skin much more radiance. The finish that it gave is a semi-matte finish which meant that it gave just the right amount of glow making the foundation looking very natural. I really like their good range of shade options which can accomodate most skintones and I was able to be shade matched in stores which was really helpful. 

The foundation itself is very buildable from a medium to a high flawless coverage depending on the look you want. Also with a light SPF of 15 it is good for sun protection if we ever get any in the UK here that is. Using this foundation meant that my concealer has taken a back seat in my makeup routine because it was enough to cover up my dark circles which is pretty amazing. I do like to set my foundation in place with some setting powder as I have combination oily skin. Longevity wise, I work long hour shifts with hardly any time to touch up and this foundation did let a bit of shine through but it was ever so natural looking and it wore off nicely without it being patchy.

Overall, I highly recommend this product to all you girlies out there as it really is truley amazing and a dream to use. I use a buffing brush to blend it in and it gives the most flawless finish ever. The price is not too bad too as there are other foundations by other brands that sets you back a little bit more. Packaging looks beautiful in a frosted bottle but the lid does tend to come off in my makeup bag though. 

What is your current favourite foundation? 
♥ Love Ying x


10 January 2016

A Few From Charlotte Tilbury

So for Christmas I got the amazing new Charlotte Tilbury Advent calender which I was so thrilled by. With that came with some lovely miniature products for me to try out before going ahead and puchasing the full size. Overall, I have been amazed by the quality of the products I've tested and the generous sized products definitley was worth the price of the advent calender. I will be sharing my reviews on all the products over the next couple weeks too so stay tuned for that.

[ Lip Magic ]

When I first heard that Charlotte Tilbury is releasing a lipstick, I instantly got really excited as anybody who knew me would know that I am a lipbalm fiend. However, packaged within a tiny pot was a product that I thought all in all was a thumbsdown for me. Not only was it not very hydrating, but it left a fine layer of the product on my lips which didn't really do much. I also dislike the design within the pot as I always feel that its unhygeinic to dip fingers in the pot each time to apply onto my lips. For the price of this, I do not think its worth it as I think that there are other brands out there that does a better job at moisturising.


This eyeshadow feels amazing and swatches so well. This colour is described as an 'antique, pearl-flecked aubergine which compliments green eyes especially. The colour is very buildable and a few layers of this gave a multidimensional look to the eyes. It delivered a nice subtle shimmer that doesn't look over the top but catches the light nicely as you can see in the pictures. I do find that it is a little bit difficult to blend out compared to other eyeshadows I have but when used with a primer, it does make it a little easier. As a single eyeshadow, it is really good and has a really finely milled texture. However, I did find that it creased on my eyelids due to my long work hours and natural prone oily eyelids. Great product by Charlotte Tilbury but I feel that there are other better eyeshadows out there for the price. 

[ ROCK ‘N’ KOHL eyeliner in Supernova ]

This smokey plum shade eyeliner was beautiful in stores and when I swatched this in store I really adored the buttery texture of it and how long it lasted on the back of my hand. This mini I got from the advent calender did not dissapoint me at all as the colour was highly pigmented and the shimmer was perfect. It didn't smudge on me despite the tendency of my eyes to become watery throughout the day therefore I was more than impressed. A high quality long-lasting eyeliner which I would highly recommend and the colour range that do is great too. Only downside to this is that I am a contact lens wearer and sometimes the tiny specs of shimmer does tend to stick to my lens.


 Products listed

Have you tried any products from Charlotte Tilbury?
♥ Love Ying x


15 December 2015

My Thoughts on Freedom Makeup

The brand Freedom makeup is not only a new brand to me, but it grabbed my interest by how striking its similarity is to other more higher end brands out there on the market that does similar products....Yes I am talking about the Anastasia beverly hills products which I have always been tempted by. Packaging wise, I feel that the quality is great and very sturdy for the price which is great for on the go.  So in this post, I will summarise my first impressions of these products.

Pro Brow pomade taupe

This definitely is a product that resembles the Anastasia dipbrow pomade which I have been wanting to try. I tend to use this product for nights out as I find that it does look a bit heavy for day time use in my opinion. Pigmentation wise, this isn't the best and I find that the colour does change throughout the day. Not sure how it compares with the Anastasia dipbrow but for the price that I picked this up for, I can't really complain.

Duo Eyebrow powder Taupe

I really enjoyed using this eyebrow powder as it gives a very natural gradient look to the eyebrows. The two toned shades allows me to have a lighter shade at the front and a deeper shade on the ends of the brows to achieve more definition. There is quite a bit of fallout from the product and once again, the pigmentation isn't that great.

Pro highlight Diffused

Out of all the products here, this is the product that I was the most impressed with. I am now gradually trying out highlighting products and I think that this is the best product that I have in my collection. The product is easy to use and it doesn't accentuate my pores making them look larger than they are. I would describe the highlight as a cool toned shimmer without making your makeup look too over the top. Can see the glow on my skin and it really does make a difference to my makeup look giving me much more radiance. 

Pro cream strobe palette with brush

The most expensive product out of the lot but I have to say that it was the most dissapointing. The colour range in this palette is great and the brush that it comes with is of a satisfactory quality too. However, the product itself if not pigmented at all and I found myself layering these cream products so much. I have tried using my fingers, brushes and my beauty blender but it seems like these cream products just dissapear onto my skin. 

Pro contour shaped stick medium

The shading colour is a bit too warm for contouring in my opinion but its ok to use it as a base for other products on top. This product is easy to use and handy to take around for travelling. Once again, it lacked pigmentation which can be frustrating after having to reapply. I also found that it was quite hard to blend evenly. The lid cracked easily which made it no longer secure anymore so I had to be extra careful with it in my makeup bag.

x x x

In conclusion, I think that I wouldn't make a purchase from Freedom makeup again. Although the prices are cheaper than the higher end brands, I think that the quality of the products definitley is a reflection of the pricing. The only products that I would consider myself buying more of are their wonderful highlighters which I have been loving these couple of months.


Have You tried any products by Freedom?

♥ Love Ying x


9 December 2015


Being a girl with long hair for most of her life, haircare and hair styling has been an important aspect of day to day life. Over the years I have found a bunch of inexpensive products which works best for me and so in this post, I have chosen 5 products that is constantly a part of my routine and I keep repurchasing them continuously especially when Boots does their 3 for 2 offers which is always a perfect opportunity to restock the stash which I'm sure most of you can agree with.

Tresseme Dry Shampoo

The main reason why I love this dry shampoo as opposed to the other brands i've tried is that this comes out clear so that horrible grey cast on the hair is avoided. This particular one if aimed at fine hair which is great for my hair as quite alot of products tend to weigh my hair down making it look more limp and greasy. With a powdery scent, this dry shampoo is very pleasant to use and also a relatively inexpensive product suited for regular use. 

John Frieda Blow Dry lotion.

I tend to use this on special occasions as I find that this product gives me crazy amounts of volume. One thing I have learnt is that a little definitely goes a long way as I over sprayed my hair and it turned out to make my hair really greasy and unmanageable. A few spritz of this prior to blow-drying creates voluminous hair perfect for further hair styling or just to go out with a fuller look. My hair is very fine and my main goal is getting as much volume and texture as I can so this is great for me.

Batiste XXL

I recently discovered this product as it has been a while since I've delved back into the brand as I used to hate their white cast they produced on my hair when I used their dry shampoos. However, I use this product not for taking away that extra shine, but rather to add texture into my hair when it comes to styling like the name suggests. Using this give me the texture I want so I am able to add subtle volume into my hair without having to back-comb which damages the hair. sometimes I straighten my hair and the end result can look a bit too neat and tidy therefore using this helps with making the look more casual and effortless.

Charles Worthington Texturising spray

Like the Batiste XXL, I use this for finishing off my hair styling to add extra volume and texure. This product differs as it has more of a hairspray property to it giving the hair a bit more hold and lift. I have heard this being compared with the Oribe texturising shampoo so this product is the cheaper alternative to that. This product is a must have for me and it goes everywhere with me and always in my travel bags as it is simply a product that I feel changes the way my hair looks.

Tresseme Heat Defence Spray

This product has been my staple in my hair styling routine for several years now since I've discovered it. This is great before blow drying protecting my hair from the heat and I can say that it does make a difference to the look and feel of your hair after. I find that if I don't use this I can really tell the difference and my hair doesn't feel as soft. Bargain for how much product you get and one bottle lasts for a long time. A must have for my hair styling routine as I regularly blow dry my hair and use my straighteners on it.  


What are some of your favourite products for your hair?

♥ Love Ying x



5 October 2015


After lusting over the beautiful Charlotte Tilbury Lip products and having a good detailed browse of the different shades via online swatches, I decided on purchasing the nude toned shades which are easy to wear and great for day to day make-up looks.

I chose a lipliner in Pink venus as opposed to pillow talk as I feel that pillow talk was too similar to my favourite Rimmel lipliner east end snob and I wanted something a little bit different. The Charlotte Tilbury Lipliner is very soft and creamy which requires constant sharpening which I do find a hassle sometimes. It applies nicely and although the consistency is quite buttery when applying, I do find that it is drying which is expected as it is a lipliner after all. This shade is wonderful when you want to add that subtle pop of colour to finish off the look making you look more awake.

For the Matte revolution lipticks, I had a very hard time choosing which shades I wanted as I pretty much wanted all of them. I already own Amazing grace (post here) which was so beautiful and lovely to use, therefore directing me to further my collection by purchasing these two lipsticks. Firstly, Miss Kensington was marketed as limited edition and I found the muted pink nude to be very pretty and a shade that I tend to go for making it a must have. A gorgeous nude shade which compliments my skintone very well and I find that it goes well with most of my makeup looks. Next, I chose to purchase Very Victoria as I have been showing an increased interest in the more mauve/brown shades recently. This shade I found adds sophistication to my makeup looks and I really like how it easy it is to pull off this colour and I have really enjoyed using it. 

Looking at the colours side by side while taking these pictures, I do feel that these colours are very similar and I could have done by just picking one out of the two. If Miss Kensington wasn't a limited edition, I think I would have given it a miss as the shade is easily dupe-able but having said that, I absolutely love the formulation and comfortable wear of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks along with their unique bullet. Very Victoria is a more different shade compared with what I usually go for which makes me want to go out of my comfort zone more and try out newer looks. 


Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury products?

♥ Love Ying x


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