24 June, 2015


Spring time means that my skin is not as dehydrated as in winter so only a light moisturiser is sufficient for my combination-oily skin. I always like changing up my skincare routine across the different seasons because I feel that skin tends to get use to the product and they eventually stop working as well as initially. The past few months, I have newly purchase the Lancome Genefique and the L'occitane immortelle serum. 



My toner that I have been using back to back for the past couple of years. I love how gentle it is and the scent is very soothing. My skin is very sensitive so this is perfect for my skin and definitley makes it much more smoother and softer after cleansing. Although Lancome skincare usually is quite expensive, this toner is worth it as you get your moneys worth because a large size will last you for a while as a little goes a long way. I actually love the colour of this too and I don't think that I can fault this toner at all. 



Its nice to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from a young age, therefore I decided to invest in this youth concentrate. The concept of this product is that you are supposed to use this prior to the application of any serums and it would boost the effectiveness of the serum because the product will be able to penetrate the skin further. I have been using this for the past month during both day and night time. It makes my skin smoother in texture and it makes a great makeup base also. Can't say how well it works with regards to fine lines but I can tell the difference that it has made to my skin. 



After finishing my Estee Lauder advance night repair, the inner beauty junkie wanted to try out an alternative serum. Although I still dearly love my advance night repair I felt that there must be something else out there for me. I picked this L'occitane serum because I like how the brand uses natural products and it intrigued me that this serum is produced using flower extracts. This smells absolutely amazing and refreshing, although some people may not be too fond of scented products as it is quite strong in my opinion. Nearly finished this bottle but I am not too impressed with it as i didn't feel that it did much for my skin and it wasn't as hydrating as it promised. Due to the fact that my skin is quite sensitive, I found that it stings a tiny bit sometimes.  



My combination oily skin doesn't require much moisture during the spring time and overdoing on the moisturiser front makes me look like a horrible greasball. This product delivers the perfect amount of moisture and it feels very refreshing and comfortable to use. A non greasy formulation and a sorbet lightweight texture as promised makes this perfect for applying at night time and during the day underneath foundation. I've already featured this product in a product rave post. You can read more here if you are interested.



I adore the shape of the applicator because not only can it nicely distribute the product around the eye area, but it can work as a massaging tool to drain the lymphatic fluid around especially in the morning. The applicator has a cooling sensation too which makes it therapeutic to use and I love it in the morning to give me that extra boost to make me feel more awake. I like to store this product in the fridge because I find that the product works better when it is cold and can help decrease the puffiness of my eyes. Not sure if it helps correct lines and wrinkles as I do not have any yet (touch wood) but I can confirm that it makes the skin feel smooth and makes makeup application a dream.


♥ Love Ying x
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15 June, 2015


Recently we have seen a bit of sun peeking through despite still being quite chilly at times; therefore I feel that I ought to grab a few products to welcome the summer sunshine and get into the spirit. These products I always go for to help achieve that effortless glowy sunkissed skin and that bright pop of colour to the lips.



Apart from mineral foundation which is my most grabbed product during the summer, I like using this CC cream at times to give me that extra dewy finish and giving me that extra bit of SPF 15 on top of my usual skincare. This is a light to medium coverage and feels so lightweight on the skin which makes it ideal for summer time where we tend to perspire a little bit more. A full review can be found here if you are interested.


For that healthy sunkissed look, I like the use this to give me that flushed from within look. This lightweight watery formula gives the most natural finish and I find that used in conjuction with a cream highlight gives the perfect radiance for the summer. However, with this product you have to work quite quickly as it does dry very easily because of its formulation - I recommend using your fingers to dab on the product rather than applying it straight from the brush. You can also use this as a stain on the lips which is an extra bonus and one of my personal faves to wear during the summer as its so long lasting and waterproof.


I love the versatility of this product as I find that there are multiple uses of it. Firstly, if my skin is looking a bit dull, I mix a bit of this with my foundation to provide me with a bit of extra glow. I also use this as a highlighter when I have applied my base. There is subtle shimmer in this which is great because it doesn't make your make up look too heavy or over the top. Just enough to add a hint of glimmer on your skin for that healthy glow.



Perfect daytime scent for the summer and I'm sure those of you who have smelt this will agree with me that this is this scent is made for the summer months. Refreshing and delicate, I find that this long lasting perfume can be worn effortlessly and great for all occasions. This is a little bit different from the original Daisy which I am also a big fan of but I find that this one is a little bit more gentle and powdery as opposed to than floral.



Not really a big fan of dark or matte lip colours as the cold seasons are all in the past. I like to lean towards the easy to wear balmy - glossy type lip products. Revlon has impressed me when they first launched these moisture stain and I have been loving them. So easy to apply and comfortable to wear therefore I always grab this to finish off my look during the summer. The way that it doesn't overly stain my lips does it for me as it only stains a little bit because of the selection of colours own. Definitly moisturising on the lips which is great because it prevents lips from being dry and flakey. Full review and a couple of swatches can be found here if you are interested.


(I was lucky enough to visit Rome for several days with my boyfriend so upcoming post soon)


♥ Love Ying x
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25 May, 2015


Having been loyal to my soap & glory archery eyebrow pencil for the past few months, I feel that I am lacking in new products to enhance my brow and make them much more neat and precise during my nights out. I have used eyebrow gels but I find that using a seperate concealer and anothe brush makes everything far more complicated than I would like. Recently I have already posted up about all the products that I own with regards to my eyebrow maintenance so you can check it out HERE if it is of interest to you.

So this amazing multitasking palette caught my eye when I was shopping in Superdrug browsing around. Not only is it beautiful with a good selection of shades to mix and match, but it includes a highighter, concealer and miniature tools for on the go. The powder brow powders are pigmented and I find that the shades can be easily blended to cater for any brow colour and the wax is great for setting the brow hairs in place. The concealer on the other hand is of a good yellow-toned shade which suited me perfectly although I found that it is not as opaque as I would have liked when I blended it out. 

The little tiny miniature tools are very good but I would give the pencil a miss as I find that it is a bit too warm toned for my liking and it tended to smudge a little bit fom my experience. I went on a trip away to Brighton and this palette was all that I took with me as I left my makeup bag at home unfortunatley. The brow powders I made good use of as eyeshadows and lining my eyes with no problem at all. The palette is great and I think it is perfect to have as part of a kit or even if you are beginning to experiment with eyebrow products. The price of this is only £8 which is a total bargain for what you get but my palette doesn't really close properly so before you guys purchase, I strongly urge you to check the packaging first.

What is your favourite eyebrow product?
♥ Love Ying x
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20 February, 2015


Over the years of combatting my oily complexion and experimenting with numerous different foundations in the hope that one day I would find the solution. These 4 foundations I have found to work best to keep me shine free throughout the day. In addition, I do like to use a primer under my foundation to help it last longer. I did a post here which summarises all my primers that in my collection.

YSL fusion Ink foundation

This is very similar to my L’oreal tent magique in a sense that it is both a thin liquid texture that melts into the skin transforming into powder. This gives an airbrushed finish and there is no need for extra setting powder. It has a little spatula wand that places the product on your face before blending it in. I find that using the warmth of your fingers to blend in the foundation to be the best method as you have to be quite quickly. I do warn girls out there with combination oily skin and prone the the random dry patch - This foundation does cling onto it emphasising it. This foundation is gives a lightweight comfortable feel and perfect for days where skin appears to be having a good day and doesn’t need as much coverage. Lasts around 4 hours before my shine starts to break through. I reviewed the L'oreal Teint magique foundation here.

Lancome teint miracle 24h

This is the most heavy foundation that I own in my collection in my opinion but It really does keep your face shine free for the longest period. This is a medium to heavy coverage so there is isn’t a need for me to apply extra concealer. The consistency of this foundation is very thick but it blends relatively easy to give a nice flawless finish. There is SPF in this foundation and I have noticed that there are minor flashback when with flash photography so I would be wary if you are going to an occasion where there are lots of photo taking. Recommend this foundation for more oilier skin or if you want a heavy coverage base. Full review here

Rimmel lasting finish

This is my most recent purchased foundation. I have combination oily skin and I find that this foundation stays put on my face and keeps me looking matte for a long period. I work long hour shifts and after my shift, I do look a little shiny but a nice kind with a bit of a glow rather than oil slick. This is a thick formulation but I find it a bit easier to blend compared with the Lancome Teint Miracle. Medium to full coverage, this foundation masks all my imperfections whilst giving me a subtle dewiness to the skin that doesn’t look too matte. For a drugstore foundation, I am very impressed with this and I have been using it on a daily basis for the past month along with my other January favourites   

Chanel Perfection Lumiere

I used to use the Matte Lumiere but that was unfortunatley discontinued and replaced by this foundation. I seem to reach for this foundation the least compared to the other ones and I actually don't know why. This is a medium to full coverage and it blends very nicely too. Like the name suggests, it does give a subtle glow to the skin allowing for a more natural look to the skin. This foundation is very comfortable to wear and it has a slight delicate scent of roses. Not much to say about this foundation apart from it does its job well and even my mum complimented on how nice my skin looked with it randomly. I did a full review a couple of years ago when I first purchased it here. 

Whats is your current favourite foundation?

♥ Love Ying x
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15 February, 2015


A day time natural makeup look with a pop of colour to represent the essence of valentines. I think this is a great option for a first date as it is clean and natural keeping the skin looking fresh looking and sweet.


I used a silicone based primer [Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser] to cover my pores and creating a perfect canvas for my foundation to go on. For foundation, I went for the Rimmel lasting finish as it makes my skin look flawless and adds a hint of randiance without compromising the longevity of it. To add some more definition to the skin, I used a cream based product [NARS multiple in Altai] to contour my face along with [The body Shop honey bronzer] to set the contour colour. To blend out and set all the products, I used [MAC mineralise finish in natural] to finish off.


I do not actually own any pink or purple eyeshadows in my collection, therefore I ended up using an Urban decay palette which had a pink and purple shade. I used my Shu Uemura Eyelash curlers to curl my lashes and applied my [Lancome hypnose doll eyes waterproof mascara]


Back to using my forgotten much loved [Revlon lip butter in Sweet tart] as it is very moisturising and the pink shade is very sweet looking and perfect for valentines day.

What makeup look did you wear for valentines day?

♥ Love Ying x
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04 February, 2015


I was so excited about this new mascara by Benefit Cosmetics that I went out and grabbed the ELLE magasine which contained the generous freebie for £4 which is an actual bargain considering Benefit products are quite expensive. 

Firstly I actually quite like the cute rose gold and black packaging, although the full sized version is pink and rubber which I do not find attractive in any way. The cute 3g travel friendly mascara is perfect for on the go as its a good size to pop in your makeup bag without taking too much space. 

So the mascara is described as a 'super-curling & lifting mascara' therefore I was super excited to give it a try as my lashes are poker straight and I always have a hard time finding products to maintain my curl throughout the day. This is a non-waterproof mascara which I wouldn't normally purchase as they make my lashes droop like crazy because of the wet formulation, however, I did in the back of my mind have high hopes for this mascara as it is by Benefit and emphasises on the curl power.

The brush allows you to 'hook and roll' your lashes to apply the mascara evenly to every single lash evenly and sepearating them out nicely. I absolutley love this mascara so much but it is such a shame that it drooped after just one coat. The mascara made my lashes look amazing and lengthened just like how I want them to, but it just wasn't right for me because of the formulation and the fact my lashes pointed downwards instead of up. 

I use only waterproof mascaras because they hold my curl and budgeproof for my oily eyelids so I really do feel that if RollerLash mascara came out with a waterproof formula, it would definitley replace my holy grail Lancome hypnose waterproof mascara. Overall, this is a great mascara if you already have long and curly lashes, but its just not for me unfortunatley.

Have you tried this mascara?
♥ Love Ying x
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03 February, 2015

January 2015 Favourites

Jo malone wood sage and sea salt

This was gifted to me from my boyfriend for christmas and I have been using it constantly eversince. As you can tell by the picture, there is still nearly the full bottle left because a couple of spritz of this is enough. This smells very fresh and I find that it is very lovely for daytime use. I've had a few compliments from when I was out shopping so i know that this quite unique and smells nice to others too. The scent is not too overpowering yet it lasts for quite a long time which is great and I expect nothing less from Jo Malone perfumes.


 Dr Lipp original nipple balm

Cold and windy weather just means my skin and lips are contantly dry. This thick balm has really helped keep my lips hydrated and moisturised. It's thick texture means that it really does remain on the lips for a long time. I tend to put this on before I go to sleep and in the morning my lips are nice and soft ready for my lipstick application. The small plastic tube also allows you to pop it into your handbag effortlessly so it is available on the go when I need some moisture

Rimmel lasting finish foundation - shade 100 ivory

Over the festive period, my skin has broken out quite badly after numerous late nights and consuming a tad too much alcohol for my own good. This foundation has definitley been the only foundation I have used in January. It is a medium to high coverage but it blends into the skin so easily and blends like a dream. The price is very reasonable too so I highly recommend this foundation to everybody. It is a bit of a downside that it is in a glass bottle which does make travelling with it a bit of a hassle. Thumbs up to Rimmel once again for such a great product.

body shop honey bronzer - shade 03

I have just hit pan on this product. Not only is the packaging so pretty resembling honey comb and doesn't dissapear after a few uses, but the colour is really natural and easy to use. I just sweep this on my contour to give a bit more colour to my face after my foundation. The shade is perfect for me as my skin is quite pale and most bronzers look a bit too orange for me. I have totally neglected my favourite NARS laguna for this cheaper alternative. The body shop always has offers out so I recommend picking on of these up to try if you are on the hunt for a nice bronzer.


Rimmel exaggerate lipliner - shade eastend snob

Not willing to part with my money for the Charlotte Tilbury pillowtalk at the moment, I've decided to invest in a well known dupe of it which is this Rimmel one which is so inexpensive in comparison. This colour is so pretty against my skintop and it is so easy to apply. I do have to admit that it is a little bit drying, but I use it in combination with a lipbalm to solve the situation. This colour is perfect for everyday wear. Kind of neutral your lips but better kind of colour.

seche vite dry fast top coat

Chipped nails and dry cuticles are not a good look when the weather is dry and it is hard to maintain your hands to a good standard. However, I have discovered this Seche Vite and I don't think that I would ever go back to any other top coats. This just adds the final finishing touches to any nail polishes giving it that extra shine and long lasting power. I find that when I use seche Vite, my nail polish lasts so much longer and it motivates me to keep my hands nice and moisturised to keep my hands looking in good condition.

MUA powder blusher - shade lolly

Being a big fan of orange shades, I just had to pick up this inexpensive blush by MUA. I have tried MUA eyeshadows in the past and I am truley amazed by their quality for the price. This powder blush I must admit is very powdery and one touch of the brush gives so much fall out. However, it is highly pigmented and applies onto the skin very well and non patchy. It doesn't last as long as my other blushers but it fades nicely throughout the day. For the price of this, I am happy with it and it has constantly been in my makeup bag for the month of january. 

What are your Janurary Favourites?

♥ Love Ying x
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