15 November, 2014




I have to confess that these were totally impulse purchases from boots and I really regret picking these up. Firstly, the packaging is so lovely and with a stash of them all laid out nicely on the shelf I couldn't resist. There were a large range of difference scents that were very unique and interesting in my opinion such as 'sunshine' and 'four leaf clover', which is the reason why I was captivated by it and took them to the checkouts.


Firstly, I am aware that I picked up two fragrances that are both alcoholic beverages. Secondly, these smell exactly like how they ought to be smelling, hence drawing me to buy them. So, although they smell like what they are meant to smell like, I was horrified by how strong and potent the actual product was. I am a big fan of perfumes and I am an avid collector with an evergrowing collection therefore my reaction to these were quite shocking. These were making me cough and my eyes water. I can only describe it as when you get those really strong smelling deodorants or hairsprays that makes you uncomfortable to breathe. These were sold at 2 for £25 but in hindsight, I really was not prepared to part with my money if I knew. 


Apart from the potent product that leads to slight suffocation in my case, these really do not last for a long time. I would say a maximum of 2-3 hours which is quite dissapointing but equating to £12.50 for a 30ml bottle, I cannot really complain too much and kind of prepared myself for the worst. The packaging is nice and looks great on the vanity, but I did hope that the product was able to deliver to be used. Such a dissapointment and definitley the fail of the year for me product wise. 


♥ Love Ying x

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28 October, 2014




Being a lipstick hoarder and slowly building up a huge collection of lip products that can probably last me for many lifetimes, I just had to get this gorgeous limited edition lipstick by MAC knowing fully well that I probably have a similar shade in my stash somewhere.This lipstick is suprisingly very easy to wear and moisturising despite of its vibrant colour.

The rose goldness of this lipstick just really drew me into buying it. I didn't manage to get my hands on the infamous rirwoo lipstick so i was happy with pleasurebomb. This lipstick stayed on my lips quite well leaving a slight tint to them after. It wore off quite nicely without looking too patchy or horrible like some intense lipsticks do. As a MAC lipstick, I really cannot say any more about this lipstick apart from the fact I am sad that it is a limited edition item. I am pretty sure that you can purchase a very similar shade to this one but I really don't think that it can look as pretty as this rihanna packaging ;) Loving my dark lips at the moment with the autumn transition. I rend to wear MACs ririwoo on nights out where I want to look a bit more sophisticated and madeup (review here)

What is your favourite MAC lipstick shade?
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10 October, 2014


These products are not necessarily bad in any way shape or form, but it just didn't really meet my high expectations for them. I admit that I do get lured into buying products after reading rave reviews online and a bit of pushy selling by the sales assistants therefore I always give into temptation. These few specific product I have wanted for a while and I finally come to terms with myself and purchased them impulsely on random shopping trips out. However, although these products are okay they are not amazing like I hoped for due to the high price tag that comes with them.


There was a big rave on this brush and it is meant to be the best-selling brush out of the range. I agree that the shape of the brush is very ideal for contouring and I love using it with my bronzer to hollow out my cheeks a bit. The downside to this is that I find the bristles to be not as soft as I wanted. It even felt a little bit scratchy at times and I am awfully disappointed by such a beautiful brush but poor quality bristles! The brush itself is well designed in a sense that it doesn't go rolling off my vanity because of its innovative flat sides on the handle - but for the price, I feel that the bristles could have improved a bit in quality in my opinion.


I first saw this product on Fleur de Force's channel and I was intrigued by the whole design of it as touching up on the go is a bit of a hassle sometimes. This swish new product allows you to touch up on the go with ease as it has an inbuilt brush that self dispenses the powder. At first, the thought of this was amazing for me and I thought it would be lovely for my handbag to touch up on the go. When I put this product into action, I found that the brush felt like it was too dense to evenly apply product onto my face and the product was totally non-existent. Furthermore, it was more challenging to use as I imagined it to be and it was difficult to gauge how much product goes onto the brush leaving my face either 'still greasy looking' or just 'caked on powdery'! I haven't touched it after a few uses and I really do regret buying this and dissapointed for the price I paid for it.


This product I wasn't sure whether it was such a dissapointment or not. I recently reviewed this on my blog [here] and I explained how I disliked the application of it. I should have prepared myself when I bought this as the wide diameter of this product obviously wouldnt be that precise in application. Since then, I have used a small buffing brush to apply the product rather than applying it straight onto my face.

Do you have any products you regret buying?
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10 September, 2014



A cool-toned pink lipstick with a Satin finish. In my opinion, 'Snob' by MAC cosmetics is a true barbie pink colour and it has been on my wishlist of MAC lipsticks for quite some time. I finally caved and purchased this lipstick full priced at the makeup counter on a random shopping day out in which purchasing a lipstick was definitley not on the agender at all seeing that I have a hoard of lipstick back at home already.

I have always been a huge fan of pink lipsticks anyway so it wasn't difficult for this one to slip into my collection accidently. This is my first Satin finish lipstick by mac so the formulation was a bit on the unfamiliar territory for me. It is pigmented and easy to apply although it can be a little drying and cling onto any existing dry patches you may have, so I advise you to exfoliate your lips well before using this lippie. When I swatched it on my hand, it was an amazing pretty pink colour but I never realised it was so barbie pink on my lips. The wear was comfortable and it didnt feather or fade that quickly nor did it dry out my lips like some lipsticks do.

However, one thing that you have to be aware of, is that it does have a tendancy to make your teeth appear yellow-toned so if you have an issue with that, then maybe this shade isn't right for it. I also found that it made my skintone look more dull and yellow which I am suprised myself as to how much difference a liptick shade could make. 

What is your favourite MAC lipstick?
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07 September, 2014


+ FACE +
Giorgio Armarni Luminous silk foundation - Shade 4 [Full review]
Chanel Blush - Rose Initial [Full review]
NARS matte multiple - Altai [Full review]
Rimmel stay matte pressed powder
Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer - Shade 1 fair
MAC prep + Prime highlighter - Lightboost

+ EYES +
NARSISSIST eyehadow palette 
L'oreal super liner - Black
Rimmel Scandaleyes waterproof eyeliner  - 001 Black and 012 bronze [Full review]
Shu uemura eyelash Curlers

+ LIPS +
Revlon colorstay moisture stain - 010 LA exclusive [Full review]

 I apologise for the poor quality of the picture of my face shot. I actually forgotten my camera for the day so I had to resort to using my iPhone 5 but hope you guys can see the look that I was going for. I opted for a subtle smokey eye using my Narsissist palette which I thought was perfect for that muted eye look that looks both classy and wedding guest appropriate. The shadows were also very easy to blend and complimented my skintone nicely. The contoured look worked wonders for the professionl photos taken as it emphasised on my facial features making it more multi-dimentional. I didn't bother with lashes and it was quite hot and humid and I didn't want to worry about my lashes lifting or coming off. I did choose to use a convenient lipstain which was great as there were alot of drinking and eatting involved so matte lips were a definite no no. My make-up lasted throughout the day and night thanks to my rimmel stay matte powder and I really had a great time. 

What kind of look do you usually go for when being a wedding guest?
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26 August, 2014


"The Matte Multiple features a creamy, lightweight formula that delivers buildable, long-lasting, hydrating colour for lips and cheeks. This innovative formula can be applied dry for a soft yet vibrant matte effect or wet for a rich and vivid finish that melts into skin"

The NARS matte multiple launch did make me all excited and giddy about them and I knew that I would pink one up sooner or later. Being a big fan of NARS cosmetics for many years, the multiple sticks are products which I really love as I have been putting into good use my limited edition multiple tints a few years back.

The stick formular really enticed me to try it as I don't think there are any other stick formation matte products out there apart from the cheek stick blushers which are starting to emerge across the make up brands. The packaging as always is beautiful with the rubberised black signiture look. The price is a little bit eye-watering but I just think that you get plenty of product that can probably last you for ages so it is worth the cost. The formulation of this is very creamy and blends beautifully into the skin. As the name suggests, it doesn't have any forms of shimmer which makes it ideal for contouring purposes. It does come out initially quite scary, but once blended it will give u a nice subtle contour.
As a stick format, I originally thought that it would make it very easy and quick to apply to the face. However, I was actually wrong because the stick i found to be a little too thick for applying straight onto the face therefore I find that using a smaller tapered brush worked better. I do think that it would have been a little bit more ideal for purpose if it wasn't so chunky in size so I can precisely apply to the areas that I wanted. 

Overall I am loving this product but as I said, I was a little bit dissapointed about the ease of application and the fact that using a brush as an alternative reminds me that I have been loving the less expensive version which is the Bourjois bronzing mousse prior to discovering this by NARS. Great product if you have the expenses to spend on it but I feel that it is not a must have.

NARS matte multiple in Altai is available at Spacenk : Link

Have you tried any NARS products?
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18 August, 2014


I was awaiting the launch of these from Revlon eversince seeing some blog posts and youtube videos on them. The packaging of these are just so lovely and I feel that the quality of the product deserves a thumbs up overall too. Although I am pretty aware of the fact that there are plenty of other brands highend or drugstore that do similar items to this, I remained loyal to my beloved Revlon brand lip product as I was anticipating the release of these.

Firstly, the packaging is lightweight and petite in size which makes it ideal to store inside makeup bags for travelling on the go. The colour range is amazing and it was so hard for me to decide which ones to pick. I opted for 010 LA exclusive and 050 London posh because they were the more user friendly colours compared to the much more vibrant colours. These have a doe foot applicator which makes it very comfortable and easy to apply due to the tapered shape of it. On application, it does go on quite streaky and patchy at first but it manages to even out very easily when you blend it out. This may be due to its highly pigmented nature. It leaves a lovely glossy finish whilst still moisturising your lips which is a big bonus for me as I always have a tendancy to have dry chapped lips. This product didnt emphasise of my dry patches nor make them peel like crazy like some lipglosses do.

For the price of these, the non-sticky formula makes it effortless to wear and perfect for days where you do not want to mess around with lipsticks and liners. It does leave a stain on the lips which is great for long days out where reapplying lipstick is a hassle to do so. I think I will be purchasing more of the different shades, they are just too good to miss out on and I urge all makeup junkies to go out and try these when you can. Such a steal for the price and I much prefer these over some other moisturising lipsticks. 

Revlon moisture stain - £7.99 available from boots. Now on offer 2 for £10  + Link +

Have you tried any products from Revlon?
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