5 October 2015


After lusting over the beautiful Charlotte Tilbury Lip products and having a good detailed browse of the different shades via online swatches, I decided on purchasing the nude toned shades which are easy to wear and great for day to day make-up looks.

I chose a lipliner in Pink venus as opposed to pillow talk as I feel that pillow talk was too similar to my favourite Rimmel lipliner east end snob and I wanted something a little bit different. The Charlotte Tilbury Lipliner is very soft and creamy which requires constant sharpening which I do find a hassle sometimes. It applies nicely and although the consistency is quite buttery when applying, I do find that it is drying which is expected as it is a lipliner after all. This shade is wonderful when you want to add that subtle pop of colour to finish off the look making you look more awake.

For the Matte revolution lipticks, I had a very hard time choosing which shades I wanted as I pretty much wanted all of them. I already own Amazing grace (post here) which was so beautiful and lovely to use, therefore directing me to further my collection by purchasing these two lipsticks. Firstly, Miss Kensington was marketed as limited edition and I found the muted pink nude to be very pretty and a shade that I tend to go for making it a must have. A gorgeous nude shade which compliments my skintone very well and I find that it goes well with most of my makeup looks. Next, I chose to purchase Very Victoria as I have been showing an increased interest in the more mauve/brown shades recently. This shade I found adds sophistication to my makeup looks and I really like how it easy it is to pull off this colour and I have really enjoyed using it. 

Looking at the colours side by side while taking these pictures, I do feel that these colours are very similar and I could have done by just picking one out of the two. If Miss Kensington wasn't a limited edition, I think I would have given it a miss as the shade is easily dupe-able but having said that, I absolutely love the formulation and comfortable wear of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks along with their unique bullet. Very Victoria is a more different shade compared with what I usually go for which makes me want to go out of my comfort zone more and try out newer looks. 


Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury products?

♥ Love Ying x


17 August 2015

Zoeva Rose Gold face brushes

After lusting over this rose gold brush set by Zoeva for over a year, I am ecstatic to say that I have finally recieved them as a graduation present from my lovely boyfriend. This luxurious set of brushes are definitley worth the wait and I have been using them every day and my other brushes has been neglected and starting to collect dust. I have purchased brushes by Zoeva a while back (reviewed here) and I was impressed by their quality therefore I know that these brushes will not dissapoint.

So this 8 piece brush set by Zoeva brushes not only won me over by the beautifully asthetically pleasing design, but the fact that they came in a gorgeous handy pouch that all the brushes can be housed in and makes it easy for travelling around. I found that the variety of the brushes included are sufficient for everyday use and I didn't need to grab other brushes whilst doing my makeup unless I'm doing heavy makup and smokey eye which of course I would need the help of other brushes too. 

The brushes are very sturdy and feels great to use as the bristles are soft and feels comfortable against my skin. They are easy to clean and the white brushes do not stain as easily as other brushes that I own. The pouch is a perfect size for on the go and its leather interior makes it very easy to clean too. I highly recommend this set of brushes as the price is justified by the beautiful 8 brushes that you get. I actually am thinking of getting the eye brush set too but I think I may hold back for a little while.

Have you tried any brushes by Zoeva?


20 July 2015

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara Waterproof

After trying out the Benefit Roller lash sample a couple months back, I recall at the end of my blog post here commenting on how a waterproof formulation would make it the perfect mascara for me so this mascara seems to be the one!

Sorry that I didnt take a picture of the actual wand itself but I would say that it resembles the Roller Lash alot so I'm sure if you google it, alot of images would pop up. I actually didn't get a chance to picture it because of how quickly I used it up and also for reasons that I'm going to talk about later in this post.

I always have positive experience with Maybelline mascaras but I found that this really in my favourite one by far compared with the falsies and rocket volum mascara. Firstly, the wand is very unique and I found that it grabbed my tiny lashes amazingly well. Not only is does it lengthen my lashes, but I found that it held my curls alot longer. The formulation is definitley the most waterproof i've ever tried as it was literally impossible to remove even after using an oil based remover which I'm not too sure whether is a pro or a con. After a long day at work, I feel that this mascara is a hassle to take off and even in the morning, I can see residue of this mascara around my eyes. Really a bulletproof product and ideal for people who has a tendency for products smudging on them.

Despite of all the goodness in this mascara, one thing that I was really dissapointed was the packaging and the poor product distribution. I found that once you pull the mascara wand out, too much of the product is on the wand to the extent that you can see blobs of the mascara on the wand so I had to wipe away excess during each use. The mascara soon became very messy after several use with the accumulation of excess product around the mascara opening which contributes to the fact that the mascara dried up and finished very quickly.

All in all, this is a wonderful mascara and I am already thinking of repurchasing it but I feel that the packaging is the only thing I would complain about as its too messy for my liking and definitley wouldn't look nice in my makeup bag. Great for girls out there with stubborn straight lashes that refuse to hold their curl throughout the day!

Have you tried this mascara?

♥ Love Ying x
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5 July 2015



Its been a little while since I have purchased any makeup from either of these stores so I was intrigued by the new products and managed to pick up a few things that I have been wanting for quite a while especially the cream pigments from Illamasqua. With my paycheck in place I feel that spending a little on myself really isnt a problem so I made these cheeky purchases which I probably do not really need seein the size of my ever growing collection. Here are my first impressions of them so far after a couple of weeks using these.


Illamasqua cream pigment - Androgen

This is such a pretty colour and I cannot help but remember how much I have lusted over this when their cream pigment was launched. This colour is a soft gentle pink which is easy to work with and suits my skintone very well. I like the idea of the versatility of this product because it can be used on the cheeks or on the lips. Upon using it, i find that it looked beautiful on the cheeks and blended very nicely using my fingers but I would have to recommend giving it a miss for the lips as I found that it emphasised the lines on my lips and it wasn't a great look at all.


Illamasqua cream pigment - Hollow

I think I lack in the whole cream contour department in my makeup collection so I find this to be perfect to buy. The colour is a nice cool toned brown which makes it ideal for contouring purposes. I like to use this with the Illamasqua blush up brush to apply and blend out. I did find that it was quite hard to use and it was quite difficult to blend because the product wasn't as creamy as I would like it to be. Overall I really like this product because of the cool toned nature of it as it is difficult to find a contour shade thats not too warm.


MAC Fix +

This was actually a repurchase as I have forgotten how much I love the MAC fix + ages ago but I have been trying out other setting sprays. I still like the Urban decay all nighter spray but I feel that this one is a bit more moisurising and gives me that extra glow that I want after applying my foundation. Not much to say about this product apart from the fact that it works really well as a moisturising base and great for setting makeup.


MAC lip pencil - Dervish

Since MAC soar is out of stock everywhere I have been, I opted for a similar kind of shade tone which is Dervish. I think I am a little bit more in love with lipliner compared with earlier on in the year. I love how a lipliner can instantly make your lip shade appear more even and gives that clean precise finish. This Dervish lipliner is lovely to use and applies onto the lips like a dream. The shade makes me look more mature and I tend to use this during evening times. A little bit drying which is expected from a lipliner, therefore I sometimes use a balm on top. (On my lips in the photo above)


MAC lipstick - Brave

Another lipstick that I have been lusting over for a while. Going along with the lipliner, I found that this shade went perfectly with Dervish. This is a satin finish which makes it lovely to wear on the lips and not too drying. This shade is gorgeous and sophisticated yet easy to wear and compliments alot of makeup looks. Most of my lipsticks are pink and nude shades so it was nice to try out a lipstick that has more of a brown tone to it and I was pleasantly suprised by how much I liked it. (On my lips in the photo above)

♥ Love Ying x
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24 June 2015


Spring time means that my skin is not as dehydrated as in winter so only a light moisturiser is sufficient for my combination-oily skin. I always like changing up my skincare routine across the different seasons because I feel that skin tends to get use to the product and they eventually stop working as well as initially. The past few months, I have newly purchase the Lancome Genefique and the L'occitane immortelle serum. 



My toner that I have been using back to back for the past couple of years. I love how gentle it is and the scent is very soothing. My skin is very sensitive so this is perfect for my skin and definitley makes it much more smoother and softer after cleansing. Although Lancome skincare usually is quite expensive, this toner is worth it as you get your moneys worth because a large size will last you for a while as a little goes a long way. I actually love the colour of this too and I don't think that I can fault this toner at all. 



Its nice to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from a young age, therefore I decided to invest in this youth concentrate. The concept of this product is that you are supposed to use this prior to the application of any serums and it would boost the effectiveness of the serum because the product will be able to penetrate the skin further. I have been using this for the past month during both day and night time. It makes my skin smoother in texture and it makes a great makeup base also. Can't say how well it works with regards to fine lines but I can tell the difference that it has made to my skin. 



After finishing my Estee Lauder advance night repair, the inner beauty junkie wanted to try out an alternative serum. Although I still dearly love my advance night repair I felt that there must be something else out there for me. I picked this L'occitane serum because I like how the brand uses natural products and it intrigued me that this serum is produced using flower extracts. This smells absolutely amazing and refreshing, although some people may not be too fond of scented products as it is quite strong in my opinion. Nearly finished this bottle but I am not too impressed with it as i didn't feel that it did much for my skin and it wasn't as hydrating as it promised. Due to the fact that my skin is quite sensitive, I found that it stings a tiny bit sometimes.  



My combination oily skin doesn't require much moisture during the spring time and overdoing on the moisturiser front makes me look like a horrible greasball. This product delivers the perfect amount of moisture and it feels very refreshing and comfortable to use. A non greasy formulation and a sorbet lightweight texture as promised makes this perfect for applying at night time and during the day underneath foundation. I've already featured this product in a product rave post. You can read more here if you are interested.



I adore the shape of the applicator because not only can it nicely distribute the product around the eye area, but it can work as a massaging tool to drain the lymphatic fluid around especially in the morning. The applicator has a cooling sensation too which makes it therapeutic to use and I love it in the morning to give me that extra boost to make me feel more awake. I like to store this product in the fridge because I find that the product works better when it is cold and can help decrease the puffiness of my eyes. Not sure if it helps correct lines and wrinkles as I do not have any yet (touch wood) but I can confirm that it makes the skin feel smooth and makes makeup application a dream.


♥ Love Ying x
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15 June 2015


Recently we have seen a bit of sun peeking through despite still being quite chilly at times; therefore I feel that I ought to grab a few products to welcome the summer sunshine and get into the spirit. These products I always go for to help achieve that effortless glowy sunkissed skin and that bright pop of colour to the lips.



Apart from mineral foundation which is my most grabbed product during the summer, I like using this CC cream at times to give me that extra dewy finish and giving me that extra bit of SPF 15 on top of my usual skincare. This is a light to medium coverage and feels so lightweight on the skin which makes it ideal for summer time where we tend to perspire a little bit more. A full review can be found here if you are interested.


For that healthy sunkissed look, I like the use this to give me that flushed from within look. This lightweight watery formula gives the most natural finish and I find that used in conjuction with a cream highlight gives the perfect radiance for the summer. However, with this product you have to work quite quickly as it does dry very easily because of its formulation - I recommend using your fingers to dab on the product rather than applying it straight from the brush. You can also use this as a stain on the lips which is an extra bonus and one of my personal faves to wear during the summer as its so long lasting and waterproof.


I love the versatility of this product as I find that there are multiple uses of it. Firstly, if my skin is looking a bit dull, I mix a bit of this with my foundation to provide me with a bit of extra glow. I also use this as a highlighter when I have applied my base. There is subtle shimmer in this which is great because it doesn't make your make up look too heavy or over the top. Just enough to add a hint of glimmer on your skin for that healthy glow.



Perfect daytime scent for the summer and I'm sure those of you who have smelt this will agree with me that this is this scent is made for the summer months. Refreshing and delicate, I find that this long lasting perfume can be worn effortlessly and great for all occasions. This is a little bit different from the original Daisy which I am also a big fan of but I find that this one is a little bit more gentle and powdery as opposed to than floral.



Not really a big fan of dark or matte lip colours as the cold seasons are all in the past. I like to lean towards the easy to wear balmy - glossy type lip products. Revlon has impressed me when they first launched these moisture stain and I have been loving them. So easy to apply and comfortable to wear therefore I always grab this to finish off my look during the summer. The way that it doesn't overly stain my lips does it for me as it only stains a little bit because of the selection of colours own. Definitly moisturising on the lips which is great because it prevents lips from being dry and flakey. Full review and a couple of swatches can be found here if you are interested.


(I was lucky enough to visit Rome for several days with my boyfriend so upcoming post soon)


♥ Love Ying x
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25 May 2015


Having been loyal to my soap & glory archery eyebrow pencil for the past few months, I feel that I am lacking in new products to enhance my brow and make them much more neat and precise during my nights out. I have used eyebrow gels but I find that using a seperate concealer and anothe brush makes everything far more complicated than I would like. Recently I have already posted up about all the products that I own with regards to my eyebrow maintenance so you can check it out HERE if it is of interest to you.

So this amazing multitasking palette caught my eye when I was shopping in Superdrug browsing around. Not only is it beautiful with a good selection of shades to mix and match, but it includes a highighter, concealer and miniature tools for on the go. The powder brow powders are pigmented and I find that the shades can be easily blended to cater for any brow colour and the wax is great for setting the brow hairs in place. The concealer on the other hand is of a good yellow-toned shade which suited me perfectly although I found that it is not as opaque as I would have liked when I blended it out. 

The little tiny miniature tools are very good but I would give the pencil a miss as I find that it is a bit too warm toned for my liking and it tended to smudge a little bit fom my experience. I went on a trip away to Brighton and this palette was all that I took with me as I left my makeup bag at home unfortunatley. The brow powders I made good use of as eyeshadows and lining my eyes with no problem at all. The palette is great and I think it is perfect to have as part of a kit or even if you are beginning to experiment with eyebrow products. The price of this is only £8 which is a total bargain for what you get but my palette doesn't really close properly so before you guys purchase, I strongly urge you to check the packaging first.

What is your favourite eyebrow product?
♥ Love Ying x
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